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Available for weekend events and shows all year round.
Weekday school visits can be arranged with enough notice.

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Dumnonika - friendly, fun, and historically spot on; one day all reenactors will be like this (Dr Martin Gillard, PhD Exon, MA, BA hons - Dumnonni Chronicles)

By Doc_Martin at 13:23 on 02/04/14

  • Constantly researching latest finds
  • In frequent contact with academics
  • Devon & Cornwall Re-enactment
  • Featured on TV
  • Entertaining and educational
  • South West Britain 50BC-AD50

Authentic Iron Age Re-Enactment

Are you interested in finding out a little more about the history of Britain while enjoying a fun and entertaining day out?

Dumnonika is an Iron Age, British re-enactment group in the South West, dedicated to presenting a snapshot of Iron Age life across Devon and Cornwall. To ensure you enjoy as authentic a display as possible, our experts have researched every aspect of Iron Age life.

From cooking using authentic ingredients and utensils, to demonstrations of the colours available and examples of trade goods, you'll learn about many aspects of Iron Age life.

Combat Display

In addition to learning about general life in the Iron Age, you'll witness combat displays, including single battle between champions with traditional weaponry.

Get your little ones involved too! Kitted up with plastic shield and foam spears, they'll have a great time being let loose on our brave British warriors. So, if you're interested in exploring the world of Iron Age Britain, get in touch with Dumnonika today on 01837 510312, or visit our website.


2 Reviews of Dumnonika

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    Impressive attention to detail


    I'm an archaeologist specialising in the Iron Age, and I've had quite a lot of contact with one of the members of Dumnonika - I'm always impressed by their dedication to getting the details right. It's been a pleasure to work with such passionate people who bring a real sense of depth to our ideas about what life was like in the Iron Age. (Dr Julia Farley)

    By Julia_F at 15:45 on 22/04/14


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