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Groups Richard_Penny Created


    Okehampton Business

    News and views from the local business community

    37 members


    Christmas in Okehampton

    Ding Dong Merrily on High! All Okehampton's Christmas stories and events.

    32 members


    Food and Drink

    You eat. You drink. You like it. You don't. Tell everyone about it. Cafes, restaurants, pubs, shops, local produce. What's best? And worst!

    43 members


    Town pubs, village pubs

    What's going on at your local? Had a good meal? A good night out? Tell us here!

    31 members


    Green Okehampton

    News of what's being done in the town and around to improve our environmemnt

    19 members

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Groups Richard_Penny Joined

  • Profile image for Okehampton People


    Get the latest weather forecast for Saltash, and join in the conversation

    9 members

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    What's On

    What's happening in Okehampton and surrounding villages. If you've got an event coming up, write about it and post it here.

    56 members

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    Pets Corner

    Here is the place for all your questions and answers, funny stories, wanted and for sale for our furred, feathered, scaly and slimy friends.

    19 members

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    Get the latest sports news, community information and general goings on in Okehampton

    32 members

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    Get all of the latest Okehampton Events news and join the discussion on the Okehampton

    80 members

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