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What this town needs : Tesco or ASDA @ Exeter Road Industrial Estate/Opportunity Okehampton, KFC, MacDonalds, Burger King, Primark, these kinds of businesses will employ loads of staff, I don't mean to be negative but 1.8million on aload of empty units and a train station. Okehampton already has empty units. As for local businesses suffering see how many Tesco delivery vans drive through Okehampton, all searved by staff not from Okehampton. I've seen plenty of people from Oke in Exeter eating MacDonalds and KFC. As for clothes shopping Okehampton is very limited - I always go to the big supermarkets or large cheap clothes store again not in Okehampton. Come on local council wakey wakey !


By PaulW000 at 10:37 on 21/07/11

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    Okehampton just isn't big enough to attract those kinds of business. Yes we have enough unemployed to fill the jobs if they were created but the size of the town means the retailers won't get the footfall they need. Couple that to the fact that there are no locations big enough for these chains to move in to and it looks like a non-starter.

    The only option I can see is to create a retail village on the edge of town. Build purpose built units large enough and fill them with the big highstreet names. It will create the jobs and attract visitors to it. But it might kill off our existing town centre in the process.

    And do we really need another super market?

    By supadibley at 17:18 on 21/07/11

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    Macdonalds? KFC? Are you mad? Don't we have enough obese people in Okehampton without encouraging them to eat junk food?

    What we need desperately in Okehampton are more factories to provide lots of jobs, teaching skills and paying decent wages. But when employers like Hatherleigh Meat have to bring in Latvians to work in the abattoir it becomes obvious that unemployed Oketonians would rather be home procreating yet more children than actually work for a living.

    By Debn47 at 19:47 on 21/07/11

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    I happen to agree with all of the above but the fact remains if you want to shop or want fast food 20 miles is the average you have to travel and as for the latvians,we used to live in exeter and there are literaly hundreds of latvians/polish and its not that the people of devon don't want to work it is that the latvians/polish and so on will share a house with 10-15 people witch in turn means they can afford to live on the low wage as there bills are all shared.
    Imagen if your rent and bills was divided between 10 people it all of a sudden wouldnt be to expensive,But as many of us are families that would not be possible i think the biggest issue is the low wage .
    If i was to live in london and went to tesco i would pay the same for bread as i would in devon but my average wage in london would be £8.50 but in devon would be £5.50 so i guess the point im making if salleries were more attractive maybee more people would be better off at work and not at home claiming benifets.

    By CS Plumbing And Bathrooms at 10:17 on 23/07/11

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    There has been alot of talk recently, about supermarkets and other national companies that Okehampton could do with. But nobody has bought up the subject of DIY shops. With the recent closure of Focus in Launceston and Tavistock, Exeter is now the only place for these sort of goods. (and while we're there, we may as well as....)
    Although , Okehampton has an excellent paint store and diy and numerous building try and find a kitchen tile!!!!
    After a round trip of 70 miles, the price of our kitchen tiles went from £170 to £205 inc . parking etc. Too heavy to carry on a bus.... You then begin to look "online" at the options....but can't see the quality.
    Leave me alone.....I'm just letting off a bit of steam and bringing up a discussion point.........what do you think, people of Oke?

    By I.C.Resolutions at 10:12 on 26/07/11

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    I can see for and against with all the above arguments, we do need a better variety of shop in Okehampton as for a d.i.y. B & Q are taking over the old focus in Launceston from next month but I'm sure if you went to the DIY outlets on north road you would find plenty of kitchen tiles, we could benefit from some eating outlets that don't stop serving at 9pm, and some clothes shops, shoes are practically impossible to purchase we need shops that are middle range at present we have peacocks (cheap) or the more expensive shops and unfortunetly because of low wages and unemployment many cannot afford them, I know I struggle to get presents for my grandchildren in town. Yes Okehampton needs more variety which in turn would bring more employment but having lived in Okehampton all my life (50 years) I experience tells me nothing will change!!!!!

    By papokerugby at 14:49 on 26/07/11

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    bring tesco to okehampton asap! I would have some sympathy for the shops in the town if they could be bothered to open before 10a.m, thus contributing to the snarl up of traffic in the middle of the day.The butchers and the bakers are the only shops in okie that are worth visiting.And why dosent the man that sells plants go over to the church area to trade and free up the car parking spaces on saturdays?

    By readurbooks at 19:19 on 28/05/12

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    Definitely agree with the DIY shop idea. We need a B&Q/Homebase or Wickes. B&Q took over from Focus in Launceston weeks/months ago!

    A small retail park like Launceston has got would be a great asset to the town - a shoe shop/DIY shop/pet shop/clothes shop etc. That would be my solution anyway.

    By arrnoosa at 16:40 on 01/06/12

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    I definitely think Okehampton needs more facilitlites, like a decent DIY shop,and a choice of lower cost clothes. We all have to travel miles to visit B and Q, Argos, etc. A small select retail park would be ideal. I am sure we could all live without McDonalds, Burger King etc as it is true the population is getting obese.

    Also the supermarkets are not very good in Okehampton. Lidl is better value, but you cannot get everything you need there. The Co-op and Waitrose are so expensive, an Asda or Tesco would be very welcome, preferably Morrisons.

    By PaulaBreeze at 20:05 on 07/09/12

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    See the new website to bring Tesco to Okehampton

    By Okedokey at 00:20 on 17/12/12

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    Here bring Tesco to Okehampton!

    By Okedokey at 00:21 on 17/12/12


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